Your Fabric, My Work!

Your Fabric, My Work!

In the drive to be Eco-fiendly, to use up what you've got, make good or mend, I am offering a new sewing service:


I'm sure many of you either have a pile of fabric you've been meaning to make into a dress or cushions but haven't found the time or confidence to get the sewing machine out OR you prefer to choose your own fabric - be it in shops or online. I am now offering to do the sewing bit for you! My only request is you choose one of my designs (i.e. anything on this website from hats to pjs!).


I am also aware many of you have Thimble nighties or dresses which pains you to pass on or store in the loft! I can make them longer by adding a ruffle hem in the same fabric, or I can turn dresses into skirts.


How To Order:

To initiate the service, I have set up a £5 payment to place your order. I will email you within the day to discuss what you would like made, how much fabric you will need to provide and how to send it to me. I will then quote how much it will cost, charging only for labour, and will deduct your £5 starter