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Fi Symons Pottery

Fi Symons Pottery

My mum is a brilliant potter and bag maker based in Cornwall. This page is dedicated to selling her pottery mugs, bowls, plates, dishes, vases and jugs in blue or white glaze but she makes a lot more. Everything is oven and dishwasher proof, they also won't harm or be harmed in the microwave but the pottery will heat and be very hot to the touch.


She's also happy to write initials & dates. This has been very popular for christenings, weddings and birthdays... or even prize giving! Please see her instagram page @fisymonspotsandbags and email her directly to order anything bespoke as she loves personal interaction with her customers!



Prices are below, but when you place an order you will only pay £1 per pot to 'log each item'. Mum will then email you within 24hours (your email address will be linked to your order) to discuss any personalisation (if required) and POSTAGE (due to their bulky nature, size and weight of the parcel varies hugely!). Mum will let you know the FINAL COST (deducting the amount already paid) for you to pay her directly through PayPal or Bank transfer.



Coffee/kids (small) - £10

Tea (regular) - £12.50

Extra Large, (BIG cup of tea/hot chocolate or a cup of soup!) - £16



Medium, 21cm diameter - £15

Large, 27cm diameter - £18.50


Classic (rounded) Pudding Bowl

Small (yoghurt) - £10

Standard (Cereal / pudding) - £12.50


Conical Bowls

Small (dips/nuts) - £10

Medium, 21cm diameter/200ml (cereal/desert) - £15

Extra Large, 27cm diameter with a wider flat bottom (fruit) - £45


Pasta Bowl for One (approx 21cm diameter) - £18

Flat base (fork food, like pasta)


Baking / Serving Dish 

Small (approx 21cm diameter) - £35

Large (approx 27cm diameter) - £45

Flat bottomed with a thick rim, good size for 2-4 people. Can go straight from the oven to the table. Oven and dishwasher safe!



Small (half pint) - £12.50

Large (1 pint) - £20



Small - £12.50

Large - £22


Indoor Pot Plant Holder - £18

To fit w12cm x h10cm.

Please note in comments if you’d like 3 holes around the top edge for it to be hung (string not included!)


Tea-Light Holders - £6


Please contact mum directly for items not listed here.


As everything is handmade, mum will be in touch if there's going to be bit of a wait. She does have some stock which can be sent immediately, but if not - she needs to work around having a full kiln load for both firing and glazing which can take up to 2 weeks.


Mum will very carefully package her pots in shredded paper and use a re-purposed box (eco-friendly!). Please let us know if you would like a personal card included and sent directly to your special person.


Thank you, your order means so much to me and my family's various businesses!

  • 100% Hand-thrown, fired and glazed

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