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Fi Symons Canbags

Fi Symons Canbags

As well as being a potter, mum also has an industrial sewing machine and makes very cool and robust bags from sail cloth which have been brilliant wedding presents for my friends and very popular presents for men who have everything!  She is given unwanted sails from contacts up and down the country and she uses a splash of colourful spinikar sail to make each one completely unique. The printed fabric you can see in the shopping bags and large stash bags (popular for laundry or lego!), depends on what she has in stock which she will discuss with you by email when your order has been placed.


Initials (£5/letter) are very popular, particularly for childrens 'sleepover' bags.


Prices are below, but when you place an order you will only pay £1 per Canbag to 'log each item'. Mum will then email you within 24hours (your email address will be linked to your order) to discuss colour schemes, which patterned fabric she has in stock for the stash bags, personalisation and POSTAGE (due to their bulky nature, size and weight of the parcel varies hugely!). Mum will let you know the FINAL COST (deducting the amount already paid) for you to pay her directly through PayPal or Bank transfer.


Roll Bags

As these bags are 'squashy', they're great for squeezing into the boot or under your feet in the car. Available in 3 sizes:

Small / Childrens - £35 - 48cm long x 33cm diameter. Perfect for sleepovers and weekends with the grandparents! No shoulder strap.

Medium - £60 - 60cm  x 30cm. Most popular. Perfect for an adult weekend away or a light packer for the week! Comes with shoulder strap.

Large - £70 - 76cm x 36cm. Can even squeeze in a tennis racket! Comes with shoulder strap.


Children's Bucket Bag including 1 Letter - £25

25cm x 25cm. Ideal for toys


Large Stash Bag - £40

40cm tall x 45cm diameter. Ideal for taking to the beach, laundry, toys, even logs!  The fabric depends on what she has in stock. After ordering, she will email you with the choices.


Shopping Bags - £35

40cm tall x 50cm wide. Brilliant for loading heavy shopping into the car and comes with an internal pocket which is so useful for putting your phone and keys in.


Wash Bags - £20

28cm x 15cm diameter. 2 sections inside.


Pencil Cases - £12

25cm long



1 initial +£5

2 initials +£10

3 initials +£15


She has a much larger range which you can see on her instagram or website. You're welcome to contact mum directly at


Mum and I, and I'm sure you, will love the personal contact you'll get when ordering a Canbag from us, as everything is handmade from scratch to meet your needs. 


Thank you, your order means so much to me and my very small business! 

  • 100% recycled sail cloth.

    New straps, zips and stainless steel fittings.

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