Classic Demijohn Lamp

Classic Demijohn Lamp

Made by 'The Vintage Glass Lamp Co' -

"Recycled bottles transformed into striking lamps".


These beautiful lamps are made from upcycled Demijohn Bottles - large bottles with a short narrow neck; often with small handles at the neck and originally encased in wickerwork. In the 17th century they would have been used for storing wine, olive oil and cider.


In the vein of 're-using' and bringing these beautiful objects back into the home as a feature piece, Genevieve and Amanda have turned them into stylish lamps with 3 metres of eye-catching, funky cable coiled up inside the glass. There are 20 different cords to choose from. Please select your favourite from the drop down list.


The bottles differ slightly in size and shape, but approx 32cm high x 18cm wide. They are clear glass, although may have slight discolourations due to their age.


The lamps have a brass lampholder fitting with switch and a hole at the base for the cable to run out of - fitted by Genevieve and Amanda (not professionally).


The lampshades are not included (although they are currently working on designs, so watch this space). Recommended shade size 35cm diameter.


They are also experimenting by filling the glass with small objects such as Pom Poms, Lego or even used cartridges! To see/order these one-off makes or even make your own suggestion, please contact them directly:


Thank you for supporting our various family businesses!

  • Glass Bottle dimensions: 32cm x 18cm (vintage bottles so slight variation in size and potential slight discoloration)

    Brass lampholder fitting with switch. 

    3m of 3 wire cord

    Wired by us (not professionally).

    Lampshade not included. Recommended shade size 35cm diameter.

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