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Introducing Emily...



Sewing has been a passion ever since childhood, having grown up with Mum's sewing machine permanently set up on the kitchen table. In 2000 I went to Birmingham University to read Sport and PE, followed by a year living in NZ, where I met my husband. When we moved back to the UK in 2006, I worked as a PA for Foster + Partners architects for 5 years before having our 2 children. In 2016, when my daughter was 6, and son 3, my third child 'Thimble' was born!


The idea of making traditional children's nighties was inspired by mum, whom every year made my daughter a nightie made using 'actual vintage' patterns, passed down through the family. My daughter just loves wearing these long, floaty nighties - resembling Wendy from the Peter Pan stories. Which is how the name "T H I M B L E' came about:

Peter, the embodiment of youthful innocence and naivete, doesn't know what a kiss is,

so he holds out his hand for Wendy to give him one.

Wendy gives him the thimble so as to not hurt his feelings.

I love looking for beautiful fabrics, lace and buttons and couldn't be happier sitting at my sewing machine, in our loft sewing room, making each nightie individually and feeling very proud of the results. There's nothing more lovely than receiving a nightie, handmade especially for you, and I hope they are treasured and passed down through families for many years. Each one is carefully wrapped in tissue paper and string and I do not use any plastic in my labelling or packaging. A friend has illustrated some beautiful gift cards, which I am happy to include with your personal message and send directly to your special person. (This has been very popular with people living abroad, and particularly handy during these crazy 'limited contact' times).

I’m acutely aware of the fashion industries impact on the environment and our planet. I do my best to source ethically kind fabrics and keep waste to an absolute minimum. Above all my garments are well made and MADE TO LAST - the nemesis to disposable, throwaway fashion. My hope is that they’re worn, passed on and treasured for generations.

I'm always very curious about how my customers find me - Please do let me know! 

Thank you for supporting my little business.


All this would not have been possible without this long list of very important people that have supported me...

Mum - My inspiration! Brilliant sewer and maker of everything! (


Dad - Who has always championed 'working from home', and been very encouraging.

Husband - Who puts up with me disappearing up into my loft sewing room, way too often!

My daughter - My cover girl! She seemed happy to receive payment in Kinder eggs.

My son - Who has to occasionally put up with trying on nighties for size checks (sorry!)

Sister Suzy - My quality control! Incredibly high standards and eye for detail. She has pushed me to reach the top of my game and not undersell my talent. She has put so much time into helping with my design development, brand and website. Thank you. (

Bro-in-law Ollie - My professional photographer. He's given up so much of his time to help me out and take these beautiful photographs. The children just love him! (

Sister Genevieve - Who has put up with 'Thimble' chat for 99% of our time together, and a reliable back up and brilliant seamstress if I get overloaded with orders.

Polly - The brain behind the name Thimble. Genius.

All my beautiful models - Who are either related to me or friends' children!


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Thimble London
Emily O'Connell
Facebook / Instagram: @thimblelondon
My sewing room is at my home in SW London

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